Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's the show that never ends

After six long weeks, Pennsylvania Democrats at last get to decide today what's a bigger deal-breaker: not wearing an American flag lapel pin at all times or getting schooled by Sinbad on your recollection of what happened on your trip to Europe.

A serious prediction: Hillary Clinton will win by somewhere between four to eight points, enough to gain a few pledged delegates on Barack Obama but nowhere near the 70-30 blowout that mathematics dictates she'd need to catch up at this stage.

Another serious prediction: Clinton will stay in the race anyway, claiming her Pennsylvania win means she's won the hypothetical Electoral College, or crossed the commander-in-chief threshold at 3 a.m., or something. Two weeks from today, Obama will make up all the lost ground and then some with a crushing victory in North Carolina. But even then, North Carolina will be a red state that voted against Clinton, and therefore it won't be a "significant state," and therefore it somehow won't count, or something.

Finally, an even more serious observation: Getting schooled by Sinbad is worse. No contest. Come on, the dude got off this line: "What kind of president would say, 'Hey, man, I can't go, because I might get shot, but I'm going to send my wife and daughter. Oh, and take a guitar player and a comedian with you, too."

I feel burned, and I was nowhere near that fire.