Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Isn't this football great, football fan?

The main thing I'll take away from Monday night's letdown of a national championship game isn't the memory of LSU viciously power-bombing Ohio State through a ringside table. It's that the BCS games, if we have to continue to be subjected to them instead of getting a playoff, must be aired, as soon as possible, on something -- anything -- that isn't Fox. Why? Glad you asked.

The announcing: Fox does a nice enough job with the NFL and baseball, but its college football broadcasts are so painful to watch that they make me wish I'd never seen a football -- or a college. The announcers step in to call the sport's biggest games after spending the season either calling low-level games or no other college football games at all. Thom Brennaman's BCS play-by-plays could send people to dreamland during three-OT classics. When I say I'd rather hear DAVE call the title game, I'm not kidding.

The pre-game and halftime shows: Joining us now are Chris Rose, Jimmy Johnson, and one or more random partisans of the participating teams. Or maybe whoever happens to be wandering by in the parking lot. Come to think of it, are you free tonight?

The band shots: Were you aware that marching bands often accompany college football teams? Oh, the novelty! Oh, the pageantry! Oh, the endless visual reminders that drum majors still are leading the band, just like the seven previous times we checked in on them! Hey, let's get some fans in those shots, too! Look, there's a close-up of every single fan in the stadium!

The music: There are themes appropriately tailored to make football games seem more epic than they are. Then there's Fox's BCS theme, whose overwrought, fight-scene sound makes me long for the dulcet tones of Alabama Attorney General Troy King's duet with Johnny Cash. (I wish as much as you do that I made that up.)

The Ohio State University: OK, this one isn't technically Fox's fault, but the fact remains that Fox has had the BCS contract for two years, and the Buckeyes have served as title-game cannon fodder for the SEC champion for that same span. Next season looks like Georgia's time, but I'm optimistic that Alabama soon will get its turn in the rotation of SEC teams teeing off on Ohio State to win the crystal football. Maybe it's not too much to ask for that chance before the 2012 Vanderbilt national championship that the Mayan calendar has predicted for all these thousands of years.


Anonymous Alex said...

Yup. Agree on pretty much all counts.

8:09 PM  
Anonymous Danny said...

I agree most all the way around. However... as a former band geek, I have to speak up for the band. It's long been a minor peeve (ok, very minor peeve) that they don't show more of the band, especially at halftime.

I'm not sure I see the objection to cutting to the band from time to time. Most broadcasts of football games (not just on Fox) seem to cut to the same section of fans over and over and to the cheerleaders several times, so, hey, why not the band?


11:26 PM  
Blogger Alabamian said...

Alex, thanks for the continued readership.

Danny, lest I be misunderstood as a wild-eyed, anti-band zealot, I should say I've long thought we should see more of the bands' halftime shows rather than the same old incessant babbling about the same few topics. I'm also fine with cutting to the band for the fight song, after huge plays, etc. As I watched Fox, though, I kept getting the feeling I was seeing the bands not to see the bands, but to see that there were bands.

8:30 AM  
Anonymous Drunken Omelette said...

Idiot quote of the night: "Don't be fooled by the sweatervest!"

8:56 PM  

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