Tuesday, March 06, 2007

She's distinctly not eneagled

It's hard to be more outlandish as a real conservative pundit than Stephen Colbert is as a fake one. But Ann Coulter's trying.

Coulter renewed her long, proud tradition of raising the maturity and intelligence level of public discourse last weekend at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington: "Coulter used an anti-gay slur to describe John Edwards (the line drew applause) and asked: 'Did Al Gore actually swallow Michael Moore?' When a questioner asked Coulter why she praises marriage but broke off so many engagements, she responded by calling the questioner ugly."

The enlightening commentary continued a few days later, when Coulter accused Edwards' campaign manager of "fronting for Arab terrorists" (offering no evidence to substantiate such a serious accusation) and then denied on live national television that an anti-gay slur is offensive to gay people.

Your serve, Mr. Colbert.


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