Thursday, November 30, 2006

To the visitors from the sports boards

First, welcome, and thanks for dropping by in droves in the last couple of days. I mostly discuss politics here, but sports talk (particularly college football talk) has been known to creep in from time to time. Regardless, I hope you decide to hang around.

Now for a few points of clarification about the Alabama coaching candidates post that has lured so many of you here:

1) Just because someone's on the list, that doesn't mean I endorse him for the job. More than half of the names mentioned are there just for discussion's sake and to fill out the list to an even 20. It's all in harmless fun. Promise.

2) I don't have any say in who gets hired, interviewed, or considered, nor do I speak regularly to anyone who does. Don't worry if you see your favorite team's coach on the list. I've only seen a few of the names mentioned seriously in connection with the job; the rest are there mainly to dispel rumors or to recognize someone as a successful coach.

3) Rush Propst will not be the next Alabama head coach. Neither will Sylvester Croom or Bobby Johnson.

4) Who actually is on Alabama's short list? You probably know as well as I do. Media reports have suggested consistently that Steve Spurrier and Nick Saban are at the top of the list, but beyond that, it's a guessing game. Based on the press buzz, I'd think Jim Grobe, Bobby Petrino, and Rich Rodriguez are under consideration, too, but that's just conjecture. I'd be happy with any of them.

Thanks again for stopping by, and Roll Tide.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man, hope I didn't inspire any of that with some of my comments. Didn't mean to imply any of that, just that you were one of the first person to mention Propst (even in discussion). I just thought it was interesting, and I found it amusing that I'd thought something similar.

9:57 AM  
Blogger Alabamian said...

Don't worry, Ala Mod, you didn't prompt any of it. But I have seen the entire list taken at face value without any attention paid to the disclaimers or what I actually wrote under each name. It's been an interesting (and at times amusing) reminder of just how deadly serious a lot of people take these coaching searches.

5:10 PM  

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