Wednesday, May 31, 2006

No, really, that's why

Why will Alabama's primary ballots have a superfluous and senseless constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage on them next week? Because the measure's sponsor, state Sen. Hinton Mitchem, D-Union Grove, said he went to San Francisco once and "saw two men on television in a public place kissing deeply."

Wow. I mean... wow.


Blogger Sydney said...

Unbelievably, only 20% of us voted against us. Count me as one of the 20%. Is this really our biggest problem? Or a problem at all? Do I really give a damn who kisses who, when or where as long as they are 18 or over? Or whether or not they share the agony of marriage and divorce with the rest of us? Absolutely not. We have MUCH bigger fish to fry but God FORBID we spend time addressing any of those issues.

9:48 PM  
Blogger Sydney said...

sorry, I meant to say, only 20% of us voted against this measure, so it passed.

9:49 PM  
Blogger Alabamian said...

But Sydney, what could be more important than shamelessly using fear of the nebulous them as a vote-grabbing device?

By the by, thanks for the comments, and welcome aboard.

11:55 PM  

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