Saturday, May 06, 2006

'Mex, get the hell out of my country'

That was just one of the messages conveyed Friday during a Montgomery protest against illegal immigration. Its conveyor carried a baseball bat to the event -- just for protection, he emphasized -- and expressed his desire "to hit a home run and send one of them home." He also warned of "Jewish supremacists" who want to destroy the borders.

At least two major-party candidates -- Republican lieutenant governor contender Mo Brooks and Democratic attorney general contender Larry Darby -- were there at the rally on the Capitol's front steps. Dozens of other people also attended, including one who urged us to "Remember the Alamo" and another whose sign touted that "multiculturalism is liberal insanity."

The clearest call to action, though, came from a third-party Georgia gubernatorial candidate: "Every Southern boy in Iraq should be brought home and put on the Southern border. After we take care of that problem, we should put them on the Mason-Dixon line to take care of that problem." He then argued for the supremacy of "homogenous" cultures.

I should mention that the event was co-sponsored by the League of the South, which, in the words of The Birmingham News, "promotes a free Southern republic." Then I should back away slowly and pray for the day when things like this don't happen anymore in my state.


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