Tuesday, January 31, 2006

And that's the bottom line

Former Gov. Don Siegelman has $342,000 in his campaign coffers after expenses, according to a filing with the secretary of state's office Monday. He's raised only $105,000 in contributions and has $100,000 remaining from his 2002 campaign. A $300,000 loan from his brother has helped to pad the total, though.

Siegelman, speaking in the third person, said the fundraising efforts are slow because he's waiting until after his impending criminal trial to approach big-money donors: "This is how Don Siegelman will run his campaign, not with a few big contributions from special interests."

In other news, The Associated Press reports today that Siegelman's website continued to solicit donations after the legislative session began Jan. 10, despite an Alabama law effectively barring such efforts until Feb. 6. Siegelman called the solicitation a mistake by volunteers and had it removed.


Blogger Jeff said...

I think Don should continue the 3rd-person thing. It worked for Bo Jackson. At least it'll make it humorous for the rest of us!

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