Sunday, July 10, 2005

This one isn't playing

Hurricane Dennis, which already has killed at least 32 people, likely will plow into the Alabama coast this afternoon or tonight. It has 125 mph winds now, but it could grow into a Category 4 storm before landfall. It'll be the second major hurricane to strike the Mobile Bay area in less than a year -- Hurricane Ivan tore into the state in September -- which could make the results even more devastating than they otherwise would be.

Gov. Bob Riley on Saturday ordered mandatory evacuations of all of Mobile County and the southern part of Baldwin County. A word of caution: If you live in the area and haven't fled yet, you may have trouble finding somewhere to stay upstate. But whatever you do, please stay safe.


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July 10, 2005
Posted by Glynn Wilson at 11:58 PM

In the interest of giving you tomorrow's news today, let's just say climate scientists and honest television meteorologists will be debating how and why they missed the forecast so badly on Hurricane Dennis for some time, since it turned out not to constitute such "a record threat" after all. Watch them chalk it up to the "unpredictability of early hurricane season storms," if anyone bothers to ask.

Wilson got around to a Sunday blog column, finally, so most of you will get it Monday morning - or later.

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