Sunday, June 26, 2005

There's still no swimsuit competition

Mobile hosted its final America's Junior Miss pageant Saturday night, ending almost 50 years as the event's home. But fear not, AJM aficionados: The pageant may reincarnate in Tennessee.

Financial problems led organizers to vote last month to cease operations after this year. Those pecuniary woes also had left city and county governments picking up a larger-than-usual share of the tab for the event in recent years. Despite that, a recent Mobile Register poll of Mobile County residents found that 48 percent of respondents were willing to spend even more public money to keep the pageant in town.

Imagine if increased education funding polled so well in Alabama.


Blogger kissmyotts said...

As a former Junior Miss reporter (2004) for the Register, I can honestly say I'm devasted by the news.

Last year I wrote several stories about how they tried to make it into a reality show, which obviously failed quite miserably. Probably because the girls had to do so much acting becuase the production people they hired wanted every important shot from 5 angles, but they only had 2 cameras.

I would like to see Junior Miss go on in Mobile, but they've just got to be realistic about it. I mean, when they had a beach party at Gulf Shores last year, they all had to wear Coca Cola t-shirts the whole time...C'mon, Let 'em show a little skin. Many of those girls would do quite well in a swimsuit competition. Replace the 'evening gown' competition with 'lingerie' and you've got tons of ratings. Plus Victoria's Secret could sponsor the whole thing.

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