Monday, March 21, 2005

A thoughtful take on gay marriage

Tennessee-based writer Jack Neely's column from Metro Pulse, which I discovered via the Locust Fork Journal, is roughly the 2,839,294th piece in human history to use the phrase "a modest proposal" in its title. But Neely's insightful analysis of some Americans' selective approaches to religion, sexuality, and the law leaves me willing to overlook that.

In his own words, here's a one-sentence summary of Neely's argument: "Maybe because we feel guilty about ignoring so many large parts of the Bible, the hard parts, when we find a rule in there that we think we can follow, we take the opportunity to make a great big deal out of it."

It's a well-crafted column. I recommend it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course, "The American Spectator" page also features a column titled "A Modest Proposal". Guess what it's about.

10:47 PM  

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