Friday, February 25, 2005

Quick, say they have WMDs!

State Rep. John Rogers, D-Birmingham, has declared war. Again.

House members voted 30-18 Thursday to end a filibuster by Jefferson County legislators angry that Alabama hasn't allocated any money for a domed stadium in Birmingham. The vote came after some of the county delegation's members abandoned the filibuster of an $80 million allocation to the state docks in Mobile.

Furious, Rogers vowed that he'd remember the people who voted to allow the Legislature to do some actual business: "As far as I'm concerned, war has been declared on some people." That, at least, is an improvement over a week ago, when Rogers called for all-out jihad: "This is holy war for us. We are not going to quit."

Yes, football has achieved quasi-religious status in Alabama, but let's hold off on saddling up the crusaders for now, OK?


Blogger Max said...

Is "holy war" the term anyone seeking political credibility in America ever wants to use? I have no idea. You're not going to see this on CNN.

The New Democrat

1:19 PM  
Blogger Susan of LocalTint said...

"Yes, football has achieved quasi-religious status in Alabama..."


1:43 PM  
Anonymous the Free Voice said...

It is far beyond quasi by now.

11:39 PM  
Blogger Susan of LocalTint said...

You got that right. At the dentist a few months ago, the hygenist, no doubt trying to make small talk, asked if I was an Alabama or Auburn fan. I said I was an atheist.

She blanched in horror. Since I'm really more an agnostic (spiritually speaking) and I thought she'd obviously misunderstood my meaning, I explained that I simply meant I wasn't a football fan.

No, she'd understood me the first time. It was apparently my indifference to college football that had caused her reaction. I don't get people.

12:56 PM  

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