Saturday, January 15, 2005

Meter reading #1

I added Site Meter to the blog this week, and it's already performed two valuable services for me. First, I now know that way more people read this blog than I thought, so thanks to all of you. Second, some of those visitors arrive here under notable or downright bizarre circumstances, so I see it as my duty to keep you abreast from time to time of their comings and goings.

Here are a few of my site referrals since Thursday:

Two visitors from the Political Blog Directory.
Who apparently weren't intrigued enough to leave comments. Alas, you can't please all of the strangers all of the time.

Two visitors from Jen Michalski's blog, JMB.
Never talked to her before, but my blog is on her links list, so I've reciprocated. Thanks, Jen, if you're reading.

Two Google searches for "Mac Holcomb."
Fortunately, he has no jurisdiction around these parts.

An search for "Tennesse (sic) state high school basketball poll's (sic)."
Rocky Toppers, it's all right if you want to drop in, but I must insist that you at least spell your own state's name correctly. I hear UT covers that near the end of freshman comp, so there's no excuse.

A Google search for "Zoe Baird Playboy bunny."
Hate to disappoint, but you probably won't find much hot Zoe action here, buddy.


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