Friday, November 05, 2004

Another black eye

I've been expecting the national coverage on this issue for days, and now it's finally come to fruition. Alabama voters, misled by selfish demagogues who claimed a "yes" vote would raise their taxes, voted against an anti-segregation constitutional amendment. An automatic recount is still pending because the vote was so close, and Gov. Bob Riley promises to reintroduce a version without ambiguous language if this amendment fails.

I see two long-term problems stemming from this vote:

1) Roy Moore and his cronies still have way too much influence in my home state. A scarily high amount.

2) The provision that caused many people to vote "no" would have repealed an amendment that said there is no constitutional right to a public education. Does our fear of higher taxes honestly trump our fear of an uneducated populace? We have to get our priorities straight.

It's another self-imposed black eye for Alabama. We can do better than this, ladies and gentlemen. We must.


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